Friday, June 28, 2013


Once again, I'm about 20 posts behind on getting my blog up to date:-/  Summer has been crazy and I'm not even sure where the month of June went!?  We have been going non-stop!

Matching zebra dresses

Trip to Canton with my sweet Mommy friends (without children!!)  Angela made our shirts and they turned out so cute!

Picnic style lunch

Precious moment Mommy tried to capture.  Macy was sitting in her chair and Eden walked over, gave her a hug, and climbed up in her lap!

Macy loved this!

These two are more like sisters than cousins!

Doing a little pre-vacation Sams shopping sporting their Big Sister shirts

Night-time snuggles and books with Daddy

A picture Macy made for Daddy and put on his nightstand

Just playing!

The girls are going to learn that at any sign of affection towards each other, Mommy's going to want to take a picture (or pictures!)
Holding hands...

More blog posts to come!