Monday, December 29, 2014

Walker Christmas

We headed to Pops and Grammy's for Christmas lunch.  We opened presents together first then Uncle David, Aunt Net, Great Nana, Mimi, Megan and Shane came for a late lunch.  The kids played together that afternoon and the adults played a game.  

New outfit

Frozen house shoes

Plate and snack cup

Jogging suit

Gold boots

The girls got some dollhouse furniture from Pops and Grammy so they could start furnishing their new dollhouse...

Bunkbeds for her dolls

A diaper bag/carrier for her baby and a changing pad

A together gift: new Trouble game

Giving Mimi her calendar

Giving Great-Nana her calendar

Gifts from Mimi and Great-Nana
Palace pets and Curious Chef cupcake pan and decorating tools

We ate left-overs for dinner then started baths for the kiddos.  They wore their matching pj's that night...

Seeing who could be the stillest and quietest in the playroom before we opened stockings...


Lexi loves Pops

Post-bath bedtime story with Pops

Friday, we all slept in and then went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  The kiddos were able to get some energy out on the playground.  Then, the boys headed to Mimi's to install a new sound system for her; Kristyn and I did some shopping; and Grammy headed home with the 4 cousins.  After dinner and baths, Pops and Grammy laid the kids down and Aaron, Kristyn, Josh and I headed to get coffee and walk around Target.  Macy spent the night this night but Eden wanted her comfy bed and came home with us:)

Uncle Terry's family came for lunch on Saturday and the girls enjoyed playing with Brodie-Anne.

The end of our Christmas festivities!  Always such a fun (and fast!) time with family.