Friday, July 31, 2015

Sunday, July 19th

A little photo shoot after church…

Thursday, July 16, 2015


On Tuesday, this mama turned 30!  My 20's were very eventful…graduated and married at 20; babies at 24, 25, 28 and 29; moved 4 times… just lots of LIFE!  I am ready for the 30's; ready to see God's picture for our family continue to unfold and ready to keep enjoying these sweet blessings He's given me.  They made my special day extra-enjoyable!

My mom came over that morning and I fed Kate and got ready to go eat lunch (child-less) with a dear friend!  It was such a treat and I got home around 2:30.  The girls had been diligently working on a cake for Mommy :)

My mom cooked dinner for us that night and we ate the girls' cake.  Nana and Papa stopped by with a sweet gift as well.

Grammy took some pictures while I was at lunch.  Macy gave Kate her bottle :-)

Some pics with my girls...

It was a blessed day!

Josh and I went out to dinner on Friday and Macy insisted on taking some pictures of us before we left…

5 Months

I'm a little behind, but KK hit the 5 month mark back on the 1st!

Lots of changes going on with this big girl!  Around 5 months, we moved her to her room at night.  She had been napping consistently in her crib, but was still sleeping in the Fisher Price rock n play sleeper in our room.  And we were in no rush to move her because of how well she was sleeping!  It has taken her some adjustment being in her crib at night and she cries out a few times for her paci.  But overall, she is still sleeping from 9:30-7:00ish.  We've started letting her figure it out if she does fuss, and she puts herself back to sleep quickly.

She's still in size 1 diapers and 3 months or 3-6 month clothes.

Also around the 5 month mark, we dropped a feeding and added cereal.  Her schedule now is close to this:
7:30, 11:00, 2:30, 6:00, 9:00ish then off to bed.  Her 6:00 feeding is when we do cereal.  She has really enjoyed her cereal and learned to open her mouth for the spoon quickly!  She naps around 9:00-11:00 and 2:45-5:30ish.  She has started sleeping with her baby Marie :)

Another fun new thing this month has been her excersaucer.  She really enjoys it and it makes her look so much older to be sitting up and playing with things.  She also still enjoys her playmat, we just have to make sure she doesn't roll off it.  Although I think her favorite activity is just being held!

She sits in her highchair with us now at the dinner table and it's so cute seeing her little head poke out of that big chair!

She's still a grabber…loves grabbing Mommy's hair, plates, cups, toys and Daddy's beard.  She's fascinated with his beard!

Her eyes continue to light up at her big sisters and they can really get her cackling just by singing and dancing in front of her.  She loves them!  She's pretty easy to make smile and she wakes up so happy.

She still has her hands in her mouth 24/7 and loves playing with her feet.

That bottom lip still makes it's way out every now and then and I really think she's going to have a sensitive spirit like Eden.  She can definitely get her feelings hurt and pout!  Just recently, she's been very sensitive to loud noises.  Not necessarily the girls playing, just anything sudden that scares her.  You can see that lip start coming out and hear this little whimper!

She has been a champ in the church nursery and they always say how well she does and how happy she is.  She's usually asleep or playing in a swing when I pick her up.  I miss snuggling her in church, but since she discovered her voice and that high-pitched shriek (that must be genetic!) there is no way we would not be a distraction!  I'm thankful she always seems happy and content in the nursery.

We have been pretty surprised at how healthy she has been, especially having two big sisters.  She really has not even had a runny nose.  Just this week, I've noticed that her voice is a little hoarse and raspy so I'm wondering if she's fighting some drainage, but it would be the first little cold for her.  Thankful the Lord has allowed us all to be healthy during this season of new life!

I love watching Kate's eyes track me or Daddy and how excited she gets when we reach out to take her.  Those little legs just start kicking!  And I'm also a fan of how sometimes she just needs Mommy and will bury her head in my shoulder.

She is such a sweet, sweet baby girl!  The months are definitely going fast, but we are enjoying watching her grow and interact with her sisters more and more.  She has brought a lot of light, laughing and even more love to the Gentry house!  Our hearts are full with these precious girls!

Kate and Kallie
Pictures Macy took...