Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Macy

I keep looking at my calendar and the day marked "Macy's last day" keeps getting closer and closer!?  How are we almost finished with Kindergarten??  Macy has changed so much this year.  

She lost her first 2 teeth back in the fall and is determined to keep wiggling on those top ones.  I keep telling her to stop!  I'm not ready to see her without her top teeth ;-)

We've really seen Macy grow and mature some this year.  That strong-willed personality still gets the best of her sometimes, but she's really made progress with her words and responses when we ask her to do something.  Her teachers have also commented that she is very helpful in class and helps in a "more productive way" as opposed to her "helping" towards the beginning of the year.  I believe her original "helping" was just telling them what to do and how to do it ;-)

This girl is most definitely a leader and she tends to bounce around and play with everyone.  She just gets things done.  They had some down time after their test a few weeks ago and she came home with a book that "our whole class made together.  I had them each do a page and Mrs. Lee stapled it for me."  I can only imagine the leadership skills she used to accomplish this task!  We've asked several times how she's doing and they continue to say she has had a great year.  "Definitely a dominant personality, but she does great and responds well to instruction."  The first few months of school I was anxious picking her up to see what color she would be on!  But she really has done well and I'm thankful she has had such sweet teachers.  They have been very patient with her when she has a plan or task she's determined to accomplish but they've also provided some great structure for her.  It's been a wonderful school year.

At home, she and Eden continue to enjoy playing together and although we still have the occasional spats, they really love their time together.  They never ask for the TV; it interferes with the creative (and usually massive-mess-making) task they're currently involved in.  When I do ask them to wind down and watch a show, they love Berenstain Bears and the Lion Guard right now.  They play such a variety of things.  It can be something random they've seen on a show or recreating one of their favorite movies (Sound of Music continues to be a favorite).  They also still love taking care of all their babies and it's hilarious to me to hear them talking to each other "This is Mickey, he's 8.  His baby sister, Fifi, is 5.  And I have 4 other children at their dance class right now."  !?!  :-)  One of their favorite things to do is for me to serve them lunch "restaurant style" like I'm their waiter and they are eating with all their children.  "Ma'am, may I have some more water?"  They think this is the greatest thing and they have to dress up too.  And we still love playing outside and practicing soccer.

Macy has taken off in her reading and I love seeing her read a book to Eden.  Can't wait to watch her grow in this; she's anxious to read chapter books!  It's also fun to find papers where she's tried to sound out words and write sentences.

She is definitely our athlete and has really enjoyed soccer.  She's scored a goal in every game and, not surprisingly, is quite the competitor.  Everything has always been a competition to Macy, so we're not surprised that she enjoys team sports :-)

99% (well maybe 75%!) of the time, she is wonderful with Kate.  She's so patient and loving with her.  What gets her in trouble is being a little rough with her still.  Trying to pick her up or tickle without using the gentleness that is still required.  But she's very generous in letting her play with or hold her things and Kate adores her.  She's a big helper.

She also continues to show a tenderness that we didn't see a whole lot of early on.  She is very sensitive to people getting hurt or seeing kids in a situation where they could possibly get hurt.  This happens a lot with Kate.  If it looks like she's about to fall or smash her finger in something, Macy yells out and runs for her.  She even reprimands me and Josh if we are nearby and are not being more preventative ;-)  "Mommy, she's going to fall!?!?"  We were at a mall the other day that had a fountain and a little boy was climbing up on the ledge and standing near the water.  It was making me nervous as well, but Macy couldn't even watch.  She came over to me, buried her head in my side, and said "Mommy, he's going to fall in and hurt himself!"  It was making her a nervous wreck.  She will also cry if Eden or Kate hurt themselves (like the penny situation with Eden.  Macy was so upset about that because she thought Eden had really hurt herself and because Mommy may have slightly panicked for a moment when it happened!)  There is a tenderness there behind her very strong and tough personality.  I enjoy seeing it because I've prayed for that compassion to grow in her.

She also has a strong curiosity about death right now, probably still as a result of our sweet Sadie.  The story in the Bible about the two women fighting over the baby and King Solomon's wisdom in finding the true mother by ordering him to be halved, is a story she requests Josh to read often.  She asks a lot of questions about it, especially about the baby who dies originally.  She is a thinker.  Always processing, always trying to figure things out. 

Macy-girl, you are so different from me yet I see a lot of me in you!  If that makes sense!  I truly admire your determination and strength and I can't wait to see how the Lord uses that for His glory and work.  We continue to pray often for the Spirit to call you.  I wish I could freeze this sweet season of time with you.  Still little enough to let me baby and hold you (kind of! Physical affection is not your love language!) but yet old enough to play cards with and carry on sweet conversations.  You have been independent from the start, but truly capable of doing so much on your own now.  I can't wait to see what comes next, big girl.

Muffins with Mom back in February

Daddy takes you to school most of the time, unless he had to leave early to go out of town.

I have picture frames in the girls rooms that say "Love, Mommy" on the bottom and I will write them messages with a dry erase marker.  Macy's board right now says something like "I'm thankful you are mine."  I keep finding papers now where she has written "You are min" trying to say the same thing!

I missed her Easter hunt because Eden was sick, but Kristin sent me some pics...

She loves making lists and especially loves to put her classmates in order of their birthdays.  (and she loves that she's the oldest!)  She will just use their initials if she can't remember how to spell their name...

Some cards she made for her friends...

"Grol" = Girl

Apparently Macy thinks she's supposed to have another sibling because we found this written on some paper on Josh's desk.
"Josh, Amy, Lexi, Macy, Eden, Sadie, Kate and baby Girl or Boy some time"...

Love you MC!

Friday, April 29, 2016


Yesterday was a crazy day!  Eden had not slept well; she cried out every few minutes complaining about her ear.  It was a rough night and I knew she probably had an ear infection from all the drainage she had earlier in the week.  Poor Daddy had to wake up and leave at 5:00 for Dallas.  The rest of us got up and ready for school then dropped Macy off at 7:45.  I called the dr at 8:00 and got Eden and Kate appointments at 8:30 (Kate had been running a little fever).  Eden ended up having a right ear infection and Kate had a left one :-/

We came home to let Kate nap before we headed to Caldwell Auditorium for Eden's dance dress rehearsal at 11:00.  After this, we drove through the pharmacy to get their antibiotics and Chick-fil-A to get lunch.  We ran home so I could give them their medicine and grab a few things, then headed to Macy's field day.

We watched her until they finished around 2:00 then headed home.

Josh rolled in from Dallas a little after 6:00 and I left at 6:30 to meet my SS girls at the movie theater.  It was a crazy day!!

Macy was on the orange team.  I loved how they mixed the kids up from all different grades.  The big kids on her team were so sweet to look out for her and help her on the games.