Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Galveston Days 4 and 5

Saturday we had planned to stay at the pool from morning to mid-afternoon.  We swam, went down to the beach for a bit, came back to swim, and ordered pool-side lunch.  This is our "eat-out" night so we all showered and got ready to head to dinner.

We ate at Nate's West End and it was delicious.  The kiddos played when we got back to the condo then we laid them down around 9:00.  Grammy always brings a toy bin and they love it for down-time!

Sunday morning, we got up, packed up and hit the road by 9:45ish.  We always enjoy our beach trip!  It's so relaxing and fun and we enjoy this time we get to be with family.  

Pictures before dinner...

Saturday night...

Putting Pops in charge of bedtime

A few pics before we left Sunday morning…
The girls did their own hair ;-)

Galveston Day 3

Friday morning we had breakfast burritos before heading down to the pool.  Grammy came to the pool this morning and Kate stayed behind with Pops.  I went back and fed her around 11:00 then the three of us went back to the pool.  Everyone got out for lunch around noon then we did some afternoon rest time with a movie again.  

We went on another golf cart ride and Macy and Kate fell asleep again.  We headed back to the condo and Aaron, Kristyn, the boys and Grammy went fishing.

Then we did pizzas for dinner and Josh made homemade ice cream.

We went back to the beach for kite flying, sand castles and crabbin'.  I think the girls could sit and play in sand all day!

We had some tired kiddos and they went to sleep quickly!

Everybody waking up...

Morning nap

Macy told us she made our family in turtles

Daddy, Mommy, Macy, Eden, Sadie and Kate