Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day

The girls received little notes and activities in their mail boxes the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day.  They would get so excited when the flag on their mail box was raised and they knew they had mail :)

For their Valentine gift, we left them a clue in each of the 4 mail boxes.  They had to work together to figure out what it spelled...

Trolls! They got the movie. Eden saw it with me in the theater but Macy hadn't seen it yet. They were excited!

The morning of Valentine's Day the girls had a Grandparents program at school.  It was so sweet seeing them sing songs honoring their grandparents.

Their class parties were at the end of the day...

Eden and her senior buddy

Some Randoms

Macy practicing her cursive

February 6th
Our at-home school day was a family event.  Eden reading to Lucy...

Kate watching Eden practice piano

Macy reading to Kate and Lucy

Hard at work!

Sweet girl playing with one of her new birthday toys while the big girls finished school

Treats for the girls from my sweet mentor Mama :)

A family friend gives us these plaques for the girls.  So sweet.  Our cup runneth over!

Eating their cookies

My sweet EJ

Macy headed to soccer evaluations

Watching a movie together.  Kate kept putting clothes on Eden's head...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Very hard to believe, but our sweet KK turned 2 today!!  What a precious gift she is to us.

Last weekend we celebrated with Aaron and Kristyn while they were here.  Grammy made her a cake...

The morning of her birthday!

We headed to Chez Bazan for lunch with Daddy to celebrate.  Nana and Papa came by and brought Kate a Minnie balloon and her very first pillow!

Our sweet friends at the Chez made it so special for her :)

Sitting with Mama while the big girls are at choir with Daddy
Big girl!