Monday, September 26, 2016


I feel like I'm due another update post on Kate because she has changed so much lately!

Some of her new words: band-aid (she wants one every time she falls down), rock rock, pouch, snack, shoes, socks, cheese, "i want" _____ , pizza, Lucy ("Ci-Ci"),  eye, nose, mouth, princess, teeth, pacis, apple, banana...

She also says "strap" when she gets into a high chair or buggy and she's learned to strap herself.  Unfortunately the straps are useless at keeping her seated and she's standing up in no time.  She has not been our best "sitter".  I think she sees the independence Macy and Eden have and since she's a firm believer that she gets to do everything they do, she wants her independence too.

She calls the girls "Pacy" and "EJ".  It's really sweet.  If she finds something around the house that belongs to one of them she will run to find them yelling their name and hand them the object.

She's getting better at putting her shoes on by herself even if sometimes we get them on the wrong feet.  However, another favorite thing to do is take off her diaper :/  I remember Macy going through that phase!

She also says "hot" anytime Josh or I have coffee or if her food is too hot.  If her food is too hot, she blows on it first.  Her appetite has dipped lately, probably due to the fact that she's cutting more teeth.  She loves requesting pouches and snacks though.  And she's probably been our best milk drinker.  She loves milk.

She wants to be right in the middle of whatever Macy and Eden are doing and it's really sweet to see them all together.  She's also just as opinionated as they are and the girl knows what she wants :)  Apparently, we just keep making STRONG little women.  I'm thankful though as I know the Lord is growing an army for their generation.  Praying they will be steadfast.

She and I are getting to spend a lot of sweet time together.  Tuesdays and Thursdays while the big girls are at school and also Monday nights when Daddy takes the big girls to BSF.  She is so sweet about sitting with me and playing or just walking over and hugging me.  She will also just start giggling for no reason.  I could just eat her up!  Such a precious season with her.  I'm thankful for every second!

This was Macy and Eden's first night of BSF and there was no way I was getting a picture without her in it!

Friday, September 16, 2016

More Randoms

Watching Lucy together
Kate calls it "Cici"

Monday, September 12, 2016

Friday, September 9

Last Friday, the girls colored a bit when they first woke up.  We are big into "I Love Lucy" right now and most of their pictures portray this :)

After breakfast we went on a walk.  The big girls rode their bikes and I pushed Kate in her little tike.  We also walked Lexi.  Other than having to push Kate into the grass so I could run down a hill after Eden, it was a pleasant walk :)  We are still working on brakes.

It was so hot, we decided to play in the water when we got back home.

We went ahead and took showers, washed and dried hair and waited on Daddy to bring some CFA home for lunch.  After lunch, Kate laid down and the big girls finished their school work.  Then they rested a bit because we had Kids Night Out at the church that evening and they would be there until 10:00.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Some Randoms over the Last Week

Sister shirts

Playing at home
They put Kate in this doll car seat and "drove" to the store

Macy reading to Eden

Headed to school

Sunday, September 4th

Headed to school this morning.  They are wanting to dress alike now :)

Eden's new piano bag from Nana!
She is ready for lessons :)

Some Kate randoms:

Watching football with her buddy, Cullen.  She stayed like this for close to 30 minutes which is unheard of for this busy girl!

Laying with Daddy

Dress from Nellie Grace :)
Sunday, August 28th

Macy put last year's Halloween costume on her :)

Daddy's hat

Monday, August 29, 2016

Charles Concert

Our family has become huge fans of Charles Billingsley's music, especially since seeing him in concert at Green Acres a few years back.  When we lost Sadie, so many of his songs were such an encouragement to us during that season and still are.  And also through the journey of Kate's pregnancy.  Seeing him in concert is such a treat because it is such a sweet time of worship.  Our girls love his songs as well and have many of them memorized.  We headed to a church in Houston Sunday after church to see him in concert that night.  Kate went to childcare and it was such a precious time hearing Macy and Eden sing along.  Then we had the blessing of meeting him after the concert!

Josh had to be in Houston early Monday morning, so went spent the night and the girls and I shopped Monday.

Eating lunch at Cheesecake Factory 

Playing at Barnes and Noble