Monday, October 27, 2014

One Year

This past weekend, Josh and I reflected on the Lord's goodness and faithfulness to us this past year as we hit the one year mark of losing our precious Sadie.  When October came, my heart began anticipating this milestone and, for several weeks, I felt like I was at an emotional standstill.  How has it already been a year?  Since February, I have been able to say "this time a year ago, we did ____, and I was pregnant with Sadie."  Now, this time a year ago she was gone.  As my mind reflected on the events of that weekend and the weeks and months that followed, I continue to be amazed at the strength the Lord provided for us immediately and completely.  It still takes my breath away when I remember the steps we took from the moment we found out she was gone.  Apart from Him, they each would have been unbearable.

A year later and I'm still overwhelmed at how much I miss her.  How much I hurt for her and ache to see what her role in our family would have looked like.  How defensive I can still be of her memory and how I want the world to know this sweet blessing we are expecting in February 2015 will never replace what was lost.  The Lord has allowed us to experience such joy and excitement over this new, precious life in the midst of missing Sadie.  And He continues to heal.  We know we are facing a transition time in the next few months, especially as we finalize a name for our sweet #4.  Sadie's room, her clothes, toys and any other baby item will become the new baby's.  The girls still refer to everything as Sadie's but I know that will change.  And I trust that He will continue to use these hard things for our good and His glory.  When Macy adamantly tells people that this is our 4th baby and she has a sister in Heaven. When Eden spots a "S" on a sign and shouts "S is for Sadie!" When we remember her together as a family and testify to His sovereignty and goodness.  When we trust Him with this new life.  Our good and His glory.

We chose to remember Sadie this weekend by planting a tree in our front yard.  It will be a neat reminder for us as we watch it grow and remember the impact of her sweet life.

"Behold, I will do something new. Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert."
Isaiah 43:19

Macy's love language right now is drawing pictures.  When we talked with her about Sadie's birthday, she began drawing pictures and I would find them in Sadie's room...

Love you, Sadie Claire.  Always a part of us!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hubbard's 50th Anniversary

Hubbard Middle School celebrated it's 50th anniversary last weekend.  Since my mom has been teaching there for several years and Josh, Aaron and I all went through Hubbard, we went out to celebrate last Saturday morning.  They had a 5K and 1K to start off the day, then an assembly in the gym where former students and teachers were recognized.  It was fun to walk the halls and remember specific classrooms and teachers.  We had to leave a little early for swim lessons, but had fun while we were there.

Of course Eden needed an icy towel considering Pops carried her the whole last half :)

Playing with Grammy's "pets"

Swim Lessons

The girls started swim lessons on Saturday mornings a few weeks ago.  We were anxious to see how Eden did, but she jumped right in and did everything she was asked!  You can tell she's still not crazy about getting her face wet, but she's making improvements.  Macy has pretty much taught herself to swim, but has been needing some training in her form.  She's really getting it and making a lot of progress.