Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Headed to BSF

The fair - Sept 28th
Riding with cousin Jace

All the cousins at Nana and Papa's after a fun scavenger hunt through the neighborhood

Macy at our neighbor's petting zoo party

We cannot keep Macy's teeth in right now!  Lost #7 the end of September


Mommy's little helper cleaning the table

Doing school outside

Fell asleep sitting up

These sweet sisters!  Curling each others hair :)

Playing outside

Working on our Thanksgiving sign and tree

Ready for church

Gift for NG ;)

Kate's selfie

1st pigtails

Making shirts

Doing the stretches on the Sprout channel

1st ponytail

New shoes!  Poor daddy...all his girls needed new shoes at one time!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Rose Parade

On Saturday, the girls participated in the Rose Parade by riding on their school float.  They were super pumped all week about it.  It was an early morning, but they had so much fun!  Josh took them early and stayed with them.  Kate and I went a little later with Pops and Grammy and watched the parade from the stands.  Kate was a huge fan of the bands and danced anytime she heard music coming.