Sunday, November 1, 2015

9 Months

We have seen a lot of changes in Kit-Kat over the last 2 months!  November 1st marked 9 months!

This baby…she is just something special.  There is such a sweetness about her; we could eat her up!

At 8-9 months, KK is:

*In 6-12 or 6 month clothes
*Size 2 diapers
*teeny tiny!  13 lbs 8 oz (1st%)
*eating everything!  Has not turned her nose up at anything.  Wasn't a fan of banana baby food, but eats real bananas now.  Some favorites are tomatoes, avocados, bagels, sweet potatoes, turkey, breakfast bars and she still eats some fruit/veggie pouches.  She really prefers to feed herself and likes things she can pick up.  Nurses at breakfast and bedtime.  Started taking bottles for lunch and dinner.
*very mobile!  Crawling everywhere (quickly) and pulls up on anything and everything.  She's actually very coordinated and will typically catch herself when she's about to topple.
*waving and saying bye-bye.  She gets very proud of herself when she does this :)
*says "Uh" when she drops things
*saying "dada" and "mmma"
*smiles her sweet gummy smile at anyone who gives her attention.  And will chuckle or grunt to get people to look at her so she can smile again (something big sister Macy also did!)
*sleeps 8:00-7:30ish.  Likes to snuggle Mommy before naps and bedtime then puts herself to sleep in her bed.  Sleeps with a paci and her baby Marie
*gets naps in her bed when we can.  The days we pick Macy up at 3:00, I usually come home and lay her down and she sleeps until dinner.  Mornings are usually cat naps on the go.
*still a big fan of Mommy!  Melts my heart when those arms and legs start flailing when she sees me.  She will usually let others hold her, but sometimes she just have to have Mommy :)
*starting to show some separation anxiety and has started crying when dropped off at the nursery.  But it usually doesn't last long
*dancing and clapping anytime she hears music playing.
*still so laid back and easy to please.  Just a happy, happy baby!

Kate Amelya, what an absolute JOY to watch you grow and experience this world around you!  Your personality just keeps getting sweeter and sometimes Daddy and I fight over holding you ;-) Your pregnancy seems like forever ago, but I still remember how often I prayed for you to be strong, healthy and here.  And I thank the Lord multiple times a day for answering that prayer.  You are such a gift and we couldn't imagine our family without your presence.  Those big sisters are still pretty smitten with you as well.  And you smile and laugh at them like they are professional comedians.  What joy to watch you girls interact.  KK, you will most definitely be spoiled, but we've already accepted it.  We will most likely cater to your every need and want, but we can't help it.  We are so thankful you are here.