Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Candyland in the Cave

One night last week, we had a family game night.  Macy wanted to play Candyland (her favorite) so we thought it would be fun to set it up in her cave.  The girls loved this!

It's tight with all four of us, but it was a lot of fun!  We also realized while we were in there that it would make a pretty good storm shelter!

Pink Toes

Macy loves having her nails painted, so when she asked the other day, we decided to do Eden's too.  Daddy painted Macy's feet and hands, and Mommy did Eden's feet.

Turned Around

Since we had the carseats out of the car while we were moving things, we decided when we put them back in we would go ahead and turn Eden around.  Saturday night, we left Macy with Grammy and Pops and took Eden with us to pick up dinner.  We had Macy's car seat in the car, but not Eden's, so she rode forward-facing in Macy's for the first time.

Her little face was precious!  She was just taking everything in and smiling...

Then we got her carseat back in the car and she thought she was something else!

My big girl!!

Last and First

Thursday, January 31st was our last night in the duplex:

Friday morning, we woke up early and started loading up our cars and trailer.  The movers were coming around lunch so we were trying to get everything other than big furniture out of their way.  The next 48 hours were a blur!  Thanks to lots of help from our families, we were (almost!) completely moved by Friday evening.  And considering we had a storage building full of stuff (and things at both of our parents houses), that was a big task!  We spent the first night at our new house on Friday and went back to the duplex Saturday morning to get the last little bit of stuff and clean up before we handed the keys over to the landlord that evening.

The girls all ready to sleep in their new rooms Friday night:

Josh and I laid in bed Friday night, and although we were exhausted, we were almost too excited to sleep.  It was so surreal to actually be in our new home.  The 7 months in the duplex will always be a neat chapter that we look back on, but we were overjoyed to begin making this house our home.  God is good and we are so thankful!

 Macy made moving interesting for us because on Thursday night, she began a 36 hour stomach bug:/  Bless her heart, I felt so bad for her.  By Saturday afternoon, she seemed to be over it but we kept her home from church the next day.  We were also bathing the girls separate, so our "first bath together in the new house" picture came a few days after we moved in:)

Washing each others hair...

The boxes are gradually decreasing and it's looking more and more like a home each day.  It's against my nature, but I decided to really take my time and not kill myself trying to get it "perfect".  We want to enjoy the process!