Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Circus Party

Our niece and nephews have birthdays in August, September and October, so Aunt Tennille planned a combo party last weekend.  She did such a good job and the kids had a blast!!

Opening presents

Lined up ready to go to the carnival

Daddy manned the balloon animal booth

Nana did duck races

Bobber did fishing

Little break to enjoy their suckers

Kiki did face painting

And Aunt Mandy did spin art


Rain Boots

Last Friday was the perfect day to wear our rain boots.  It rained all day!  I had a doctor appointment, so we had to get out in it for a little bit.

When we got back home, we had some rainy day art, lunch then good naps since it was so dark outside!

First Broken Bone

I am shocked that our first broken bone happened to sweet little Eden and not our adventurous, dare-devil firstborn!  Last Tuesday night, I had bathed the girls in the shower and Josh was putting their pajamas on in our room.  Eden was dressed and sitting on our bed and he was putting Macy's on.  She reached for something and just slid right off.  She must have landed on her shoulder because it was becoming evident that something was really bothering her.  She would point to her neck and collar bone and if we tried to pick her up under her arms, she would cry out in pain.  It was late at this point, so we gave her tylenol and laid her down.  She slept pretty good, only crying out a few times as she would change positions.  So, the first thing Wednesday morning, we headed to the Spine and Joint Urgent Care.  After X-rays and snacks and juice, we found out it was broken and they fitted her in a little figure 8 sling.  They said it should heal in 2-3 weeks; thankfully their little bones heal faster than ours.  The rest of Wednesday she acted fine, but Thursday was probably her worst day.  She just woke up uncomfortable; she had fallen asleep on her tummy and she wouldn't even get up on her own.  I had to roll her over and pick her up and it took her a long time that morning to calm down.  It was probably her worst day.  She also slept a lot that day.  She didn't wake up until 9:00 then napped from 1:30-5:30.  Poor baby!  It's so hard seeing them hurt but I'm thankful she seems to be on the mend.  Such a trooper!

This was Thursday morning...

Modeling her sling for Mommy
She actually really likes wearing her sling.  I think it makes her more comfortable...