Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Preview of Disney

Our little family had the best time in Disney and yes, I've already finished my book on Shutterfly and ordered it (all 700 pictures included!)  So, here's some of my favorites from our trip.  I made the difficult decision not to bring our real camera and only use our phones, so some of the pictures are a little fuzzy.  But, it worked out well not having to keep up with the nice one.

Shelly made us an adorable sign to help us count down to Disney!

It was very symbolic for us that our hotel had a large "Lady" statue considering that was the lovey we had chosen and bought for Sadie.  Just a reminder for us of her and why we were on this trip.

The girls were wearing their Piglet and Baby Roo dresses because we had dinner that night with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore

We headed straight to Magic Kingdom when we arrived on Monday and were able to ride whatever we wanted!  The girls loved the rides!

I tried to take a picture of everything we rode so I wouldn't forget!

A highlight for sure...Macy meeting Piglet!

Kiss from Tigger

Piglet caught us again as we were about to leave and took another picture with Macy!

Tuesday - Epcot
Frozen dresses

Mary Poppins

Lunch with the princesses

Eden took somewhat of a nap every day!  This day it was over 2 hours.

We had some sweet time with Macy while Eden was conked out in the stroller.  We decided to let her see Sleeping Beauty again since she's her favorite princess.  Macy made a friend in every line we waited in...

Piglet bush

Back to Magic Kingdom

Rapunzel's tower

Rapunzel asked Eden for one more hug and instead she walked over and hugged Macy!  Rapunzel just pointed at them and laughed...

3:00 Parade

Anna and Elsa

Animal Kingdom / Hollywood Studios

Eden missed the entire safari!

A "Frozen" sugar cookie...

Leaving Friday morning

With their bags Nana made...

Back in Dallas
Disney detox for Macy...everything had become her chariot...