Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Valentine's Outfit

Headed to Kidz Praise...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Kate threw us for a loop and got sick the Saturday before Valentine's Day.  Macy was having an Open House in her Sunday School class and Josh was teaching our class, so Grammy kept Kate and we headed to church.  I had fun staying in Macy's class with her.  She has the sweetest group of teachers who love the Lord and love teaching His truth to children.

Throughout the month of February, Josh and I would put notes in the girls mailboxes.  They loved seeing their red flag lifted and getting to check their mail.  On Valentine's Day, the big girls got new umbrellas and Kate got gripper socks.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday, February 7

After church on Sunday, we all went to eat at Rounders and Nana and Papa had some Valentine goodies for the kiddos...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Kate is ONE!

Kit-Kat, how are you already one!?!  Wow, time always seems to be flying by, but your first year was unbelievably fast.  We are having so much fun with you!  You have the sweetest personality and it is definitely coming out more and more.  These month stickers crack me up because each month got progressively harder to keep you from ripping it off before I got a good picture (or 10 good pictures!)

KK, at 12 months you are 15 lbs 4 oz. (2nd%) and 27 in. (2nd%).  You are my teeny tiny and I love toting you around :)  Your hair has experienced quite a bit of growth and you are much better than Macy and Eden about leaving your headbands in.

You took your first steps on February 4th and I really thought you would take off, but not so much.  We are a month past that and you still act so unstable and only take 4-5 steps at a time.  You are gradually making progress and at least try to walk more and more.  It's cute seeing you try!

You eat absolutely everything and we pretty much have to cut you off at meal time.  You love food!  You are still good about eating your veggies but you also like pizza and cheeseburgers!  I'm trying to keep you on a healthier path, but every now and then Mommy wants a cookie and you insist on sharing!

You love to clap and will cheer for yourself when you walk a few steps or when anyone else is clapping.  You also still blow sweet kisses and wave bye.  One of my favorite things you do is say "Hi" repeatedly to anyone who gives you attention (or even if they're not giving you attention).  Even in your carseat or at the dinner table, you will just randomly start saying "hi".  And then you smile so sweet.  You also love playing hide and seek and will say "There-ee-is"  (there she is).  You say "there-ee-is" anytime we ask you where something is.  You start looking around and when you locate it, you say "there-ee-is".  You're also really trying to talk and will look at us like "don't you understand what I'm saying"??  You've finally started signing "more" and "please" but revert to screaming again every now and then.

You love emptying things...drawers in the kitchen, the laundry basket, the magazine bin... You also still love music and will bob and sway anytime you hear something playing.  Who needs toys?  You prefer pens, water bottles and Mommy's phone.

You went through a little clingy phase where you cried at the church nursery and gym childcare, but you really don't do that anymore.  You are busy and want freedom to crawl around and explore.  You still let Mommy snuggle you at night and before naps, but it's hard to hold you any other time.  You want to go!  You actually do a lot of things that remind us of Macy.  Your "busy-ness" being one of them ;-)

You are such a happy, easy baby.  You go to sleep at 8:00 and wake around 7:30.  You still take two 2-3 hour naps and always wake up happy.

KK, this first year with you has been nothing short of a dream.  We are so enjoying watching you grow and interact with us and sisters.  They still absolutely adore you and try to baby you any chance they get.  You're pretty fond of them too.  Can't wait to watch the three of you grow up together.  We praise our faithful Redeemer every day for the gift of your life and for how strong and healthy you are.  You are a sweet and precious gift, Kate Amelya.

On her actual birthday, we went to Andy's after dinner to get her a birthday ice cream cone.  She was a fan :-)  Nana and Papa met us there...