Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun Family Trip!

This past weekend we went with the Gentry's to Dallas for our summer trip. On Friday, the girls shopped in the Frisco area while the guys attended the Colonial golf tournament.

Macy is a wonderful shopping buddy!
She found Pooh in the Disney store :-)

I was able to get a few other things on my check-list for Eden (down to 5 weeks!!)

Saturday morning we slept in and ate a late breakfast. Then, we hit the pool!

To say Macy enjoyed the water is an understatement! She was like a fish; putting her face in and kicking her legs! She definitely did not want to get out.

Giving cousin Gavin a hug :-)

After the pool, we laid the kids down for a quick nap and then headed to Six Flags around 3.

Her first ride, the carousel...

We went to the Looney Tunes area that had all the kid rides. I was amazed at what Macy was actually tall enough to ride!
She "drove" the trucks...

"Flew" an airplane

and rode the swings!

All seven of the cousins!

Back to the airplanes :-)

She also did the Ferris wheel with Daddy :-)

Then we rode the train across the park...

Big girl!

Around 7:30 we were all getting pretty tired and decided to hit a Chick-fil-A on the way back to the hotel.


One last picture before we left...
The big chair

We all slept good that night! On Sunday, the guys played golf and we shopped in the Mesquite area. We had a great time! Can't believe Eden will be with us for our next trip!

One more thing, I took a little video on my phone of the cousins riding the swings the first time...


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 Months

Last Friday Macy turned 18 MONTHS! She had her well check visit today and got a great report:-)

Macy, at 18 months you are:

  • 20 lbs even! Finally broke 20 :-) (3rd%)
  • 31 inches (30th% - huge jump in height!)
  • wearing mainly 6-12 month clothes
  • in size 3 shoes
  • in size 3 diapers
  • walking on your toes and running everywhere!
  • loving your Legos ("blocks"), colors, carrying around your purse and reading books (your favorite book is your Bible. It's the one you always request:-)
  • still eating everything in sight
  • enjoying playing with friends
  • sleeping 8:30-8ish and napping about 3 hours in afternoon
  • still sleeping with Piglet (and sometimes Pooh) and very attached
  • loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but still request Olivia on occasion
  • using a fork (attempting to, I should say!)
  • TALKING UP A STORM! I literally do not know what I would do with a quiet baby! You talk non-stop and you will continue to say "mommy" or "daddy" louder and louder until we acknowledge what it is you have to say! You are learning new words everyday and repeat everything mommy and daddy say.
I want to try and document the main words you say because I know I won't remember!:
  • all your family member's names
  • friends' names (always in the same order!): Ella, Judson, Hannah, Marley, Logan and Madeline
  • all the colors (purple is your favorite. You like to list them when we are riding in the car together)
  • Animals and their sounds: cow, puppy, kitty cat, sheep, elephant, monkey, duck
  • Favorite show characters: Olivia ("ia"), Mouse, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Pete, Pluto, VeggieTales (ta-tales), Pooh, Piglet (Pe-pit), Tigger, Cat in the Hat (you call him "Go Go" because of the theme song), George
  • Phrases: I walk, I rock, I sleepy girl, I play, Love you (sounds more like wa-wa), There she is!, I out, all gone, I don't know!
  • Other words you say often: cup, fork, plate, snack, Bible, blocks, pillow, book, juice, milk, purse, color, baby (if we tell you baby is sleeping, you say "shhhh" and put your finger to your mouth), chair, ball, putter (all your golf clubs you call putter), blanket
This has been such a fun age!

On a side note, we tried out the spray park at Faulkner yesterday and Macy loved it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Happy Mommy's Day!"


Love those three sweet little words!

I'm a little late with my Mother's Day post, but better late than never! I am so thankful for my Macy-girl and can't believe next Mother's Day we will have another precious little girl (who will be almost one!?!) I am one blessed Mommy and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my babies. Thank you Josh for being the most amazing provider! Thank You Jesus for allowing me to be a Mommy! It's all I ever wanted to do.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Counting Macy

The other day in the car, Macy kept saying (what we thought was) "Five, Six!" We finally realized she really was counting and decided to test her last night...


I wish I could take credit for this, but I gotta give credit where credit is due: Thank you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! It just recently became one of our favorite shows and I have noticed that they count often.

It's amazing what her little brain is accomplishing these days!!