Monday, April 23, 2012

10 Month Comparison







Eden - 10 months

Another fast month!  Eden Joy, Mommy will start planning your first birthday soon!  Craziness!!

At 10 months:
  • you continue to be cuddly and enjoy being held when you're awake (although you're awfully wiggly now!) but laid down when you're sleepy
  • still in size 3 diapers
  • can still wear size 1 shoes but can also do 2's now
  • in 6-9 month or 6-12 month clothes
  • extremely mobile now!  It took you a while to figure out crawling but you've definitely got the hang of it now.  You won't stay in a room by yourself either.  If I put you down in your room with toys all around you and walk to the kitchen, you will come crawling around the corner in about 30 seconds.  You also like crawling over to Macy's room and playing with her toys.
  • waving and saying "Bye-bye"
  • still clapping and get excited when others clap
  • giving kisses now.  We will say "Can I have a kiss?" and you lean forward and open your mouth
  • finally have a tooth!  That first little guy (bottom left) came in around April 14th and I think the one next to it is about to.
  • you dance when you hear music
  • you love touching foreheads and think this is the funniest thing
  • on the same eating and sleeping schedule.  Not much nap in the morning since we are usually out and about, but a good 3-3.5 hour afternoon nap with sister.  You've started getting tired earlier at night and have been going to bed closer to 8.
  • Eating mainly table food now, but sometimes I'll grab one of those baby food pouches if we are eating out.  You seem to really enjoy food and have tried a number of things without spitting anything out!  You love turkey, avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, strawberries, tortillas, rice, beans, etc....  However, eating out with you has been a challenge lately!  You have developed the high pitched shriek that your sister was famous for and you refuse to sign "more" even though we've been trying to get you to do it.  You can quiet an entire restaurant.
  • when you wake up from a nap or in the morning, we pick you up and say "Uh-Oh your paci" and you pull your paci out of your mouth and throw it in your bed.  Then you look at it, look at us, and say "Uh".  You still take a paci some during the day but you're not as fond of it unless you're sleepy.  Now we don't even have to tell you, you will just take it out and throw it down as soon as we pick you up.  However, you enjoy "Uh-Oh-ing" all sorts of things now including food!
  • you continue to be our sensitive one and we have to be careful not to assume Macy has done something to you just because you cry.  She is guilty on occasion of being a little rough but we've also seen you cry just to cry!  You two do have some sweet moments of play together but we are working our way through sharing since you want everything Macy has and she's having a hard time letting you take it.
  • you still have that PRECIOUS chuckle!  I just love it.  And you "talk" a lot like Macy did.
  • you also continue to be a Daddy's girl.  I tell Josh all the time: you have a unique smile and expression that you reserve only for him.  You just absolutely light up when you see him.  
Eden, I still just love how sweet you are!!  Lately, you've been laying your head on my shoulder right before I lay you down for bed or a nap and I just soak it up.  You haven't really experienced a lot of separation anxiety at this point, but your eyes will follow Mommy and Daddy if someone else has you.  

I love everything about you Little Bit!

New carseat!

Macy - 29 months

Some of my favorite Macyisms this month:

  • her new phrase is "That a good idea??"  For example: "We play for a while instead of taking a nap today.  That a good idea, Mommy?"
  • One night Josh and I were putting her to bed and she said, "Hey Mommy.  You're the best Mama." I walked out of her room that night with tears in my eyes!  My precious angel!
  • Lately she's been asking for a baby brother.  When we ask her what we will name him she says "Jackson".  I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that her good buddy Logan has a little brother named Jackson;-)  However, she does say she wants to keep Eden, she just wants a brother too.
  • Her new song: Saw, saw, saw.  Pound, pound, pound.  Build a house for Jesus with love all around.  (Hand motions included!)
  • One day she tried on something new (I can't remember if it was shoes or an outfit) and when I told her to show her Daddy, she went "Ta-da!"  Have no idea where that came from but she's done it several times since then as well.  She is such a ham!
  • When Daddy asked her one night to be his snuggle-bunny, she said "No, I'm mommy's snuggle-bunny.  Lexi can be yours"
  • The week before Easter we were really trying to impress on her the real reason we celebrate.  One night we asked her "Macy, who died on the cross?"  She said "Zaccheaus".  "No, Jesus! Who walked out of the tomb?" Macy: "Moses" 
  • She told me the other day that this summer she's going to swim like a Nemo.
  • She says "catched" instead of "throw".  "I catched the ball to you!"
  • Is a big helper with Lexi now.  She can fill her food bowl and give her treats.  She also tells her when to go to her room and will shut the gate and lock her up.
  • I brought her a new princess gown home from Frisco and she was so proud of it.  We put it on immediately and that night when we were skyping with Cason and Bryce she stood up and said "Cason, look at my new gown!"  And sweet Cason said, "That's pretty, Macy"
  • Grammy always does "This little piggy..." with Macy and Eden's toes.  Well, Macy did it the other night to herself and said, "This little piggy has paint" (She had nail polish on)

Piglet is still her baby!

Laying him down for a nap

Taking pictures of her babies the way Mommy does with her and sister

Using Mommy's phone to take pictures of herself

New flip-flops from Old Navy

Riding a train at Town East Mall

Not awake yet!

Macy and Logan

sweeping the garage