Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The girls were invited to a Tutu's and Ties party a few weeks ago, but we ended up not being able to go because Eden was running fever.  My sweet friend Ashley gave us our tutu's anyway and the girls wore them out today!

Zoo Day

Saturday morning we decided to do the zoo!  It's so nice when Josh is able to go with us.  Macy is able to walk quite a bit now, which she loves!

From Macy to Eden...

Macy's favorite pair of pajamas (her minnie's) were beginning to get too small and she offered (very sweetly!) to give them to Eden.  She was so sweet about it, that I went to Target and got her a new pair of Minnie pajamas!

Macy wearing them one last time...

A little big on Eden, but they will work!

Strolling Sisters

Meal Time

Every day, 3 meals a day, we clean up THIS:

Train Ride

The other morning, Macy took Eden for a little ride around the living room...


Macy saw that Mommy had a headband in, so she went and got one for herself;-)

More phone pics...

I found more pictures on Josh's phone!.....

November 20: feeding baby

November 21

November 25

November 26

January 21: with cousin Mallory

February 11: napping with Papa, waiting on cousin Nathan to be born

February 11: grocery shopping

February 24

February 26: lunch at Nana and Papa's