Thursday, January 31, 2013


Eden debuted pigtails yesterday and they were pretty cute:)


Eden saw me taking pictures and started hamming it up!

Reading Books

I peeked to see what the girls were doing yesterday morning while I was getting dressed.  (It was a little too quiet!)  They were reading books!

Drying Hair

The other night, Daddy was drying hair and Mommy saw a great photo opp!

New Park

On Monday, the girls and I checked out the new park in Bullard.  They loved it and it was fun to do something new!

I've got to teach her that she can do steps by herself!

Dress-up Fun

Pretty much every morning after breakfast, Macy puts on one of her dress-up outfits.  It's her favorite thing to do!  Eden's not a huge fan of her Cinderella dress but we did discover she likes the Minnie one.  She tells us, "I mimi -ousse."

Cousin Zoo Day!

Wednesday, the 23rd, we met all our cousins at the zoo!  They had the best time together and we took our time and really enjoyed it.

Checking out the penguins

Finding the monkeys


I've never seen the white tiger this active, so I took a ton of pics!

They would scream every time he walked by!

Nana and her grands

Eating lunch

Stinky rhinos!

They were exhausted!