Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eden pics - May 2013

Wearing sister's boots

Chicken Fried Rice


Wanna be just like Daddy

A little puny:(

Popsicle after fighting another stomach bug

Sister's helmet

Talking on her phone

Fell asleep!

Mommy's shoes

Macy pics - May 2013

She told me she wrote this letter to her friend Logan in Singapore.  She said it says:
"Dear Logan.  We can help you move back into your house.  Then we can have a playdate.   You can play with all my toys but don't touch what I'm touching because I have a cough."

Coloring at IHOP.  She wrote the letter E

Pumped about her pancake!

Playing with Hannah

Big girl goes to church now and does so good!

The most recent head injury: doing ballerina twirls and fell into the corner of a chair

Matching dresses with Piglet

Sister pics - May 2013

Dinner at IHOP with Mommy while Daddy's out of town...

Fun at the Fair

Morning walks

Macy declared it boot and pajama day

Target shoppers

Lunch at McAlister's with Mommy

Wal-Mart Mickey

Watching the rain

Happy Mother's Day!  Helping Mommy clean up after our party...

Popsicles and swimsuits