Monday, August 29, 2016

Charles Concert

Our family has become huge fans of Charles Billingsley's music, especially since seeing him in concert at Green Acres a few years back.  When we lost Sadie, so many of his songs were such an encouragement to us during that season and still are.  And also through the journey of Kate's pregnancy.  Seeing him in concert is such a treat because it is such a sweet time of worship.  Our girls love his songs as well and have many of them memorized.  We headed to a church in Houston Sunday after church to see him in concert that night.  Kate went to childcare and it was such a precious time hearing Macy and Eden sing along.  Then we had the blessing of meeting him after the concert!

Josh had to be in Houston early Monday morning, so went spent the night and the girls and I shopped Monday.

Eating lunch at Cheesecake Factory 

Playing at Barnes and Noble

Saturday, August 27, 2016

One Week Down!

We survived our first week of 1st grade and Kindergarten!

Unpacking their bags after the first day.  Then they ate their treats Mommy brought them from Starbucks.

Eden is most definitely our lovey, affectionate one.  She was so clingy on Tuesday and Thursday after school!

Our first at home day, Wednesday.  The biggest challenge is occupying Kate who wants nothing more than to be right in the middle of them :)

Thursday was another successful day at school!  They were all smiles again at pick up.  The girls made their own pizzas that night for dinner then we played outside for a while.  Daddy ran them through some Crossfit drills...

Some reading after baths...

Friday, the girls were so diligent and finished their work before Josh got home for lunch.  So we headed to the pool for a while.

We are excited to be back in a routine, as much as we love summer.  Praying for a great school year!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day of School

The girls had a great first day of school!  I had been gearing my heart up for Eden starting Kindergarten...still doesn't seem possible!  As a mama, you just know your kiddos; their differences, quirks, personality traits, strengths/weaknesses... Eden is so much more timid than Macy and new situations can be very difficult for her.  She was so excited all morning, but as soon as we got there she started grabbing our legs and got really quiet.  She did go into her class and after lots of hugs, allowed us to leave.  I'm so proud of her!!  She reminds me SO much of myself.

Her teacher said she had a great day and even talked some.  She did seem exhausted, so it will probably take a few weeks to adjust to the new schedule.  She told me when she was unpacking her lunch box at home: "Mommy, I love the note you left me in my lunchbox.  I can't read it yet, but I loved it."  My precious...

Macy girl had a great day as well!  She was super excited about all the fun new things first grade brings.  One of my favorite things about Macy is how she just plays and socializes with everyone.  When you hear her talk about her day, she was with different friends during lunch, recess and class activities.  I'm so proud of her as well!  Can't wait to see what the year brings :)

This was Kate's progression of not wanting to look at the camera.  We finally got her to look up when we asked where the puppy was ;)

Kate was insistent on wearing a backpack like the big girls

Some pics from Open House last Thursday: