Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sound of Chaos!

I came across this picture on my phone and just had to post about it!

Sundays after church, we head to Nana and Papa's house for lunch.  Nana prepares a meal and then makes some kind of fabulous dessert!  We have grown to be quite the crew so you can only imagine what it sounds like!  Thank you Nana and Papa:-)

Here's our little angels!  Minus Gavin and Eden (just 6 days old when this was taken!)

After lunch, they all go sit quietly in a corner and read.  (HAHA!)

Bumbo Babes

Just some pics of my girls trying out the Bumbo.  Macy is around 13 weeks and Eden 14.  Macy is my bib baby and Eden constantly has her hands in her mouth!

And some more of just Eden...

Monday, September 26, 2011


Just winding down a bit before our nap...


Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 Months

***Disclaimer, I am going to start printing my blog books instead of keeping up with picture albums, so I apologize for the overload of pictures!  Just don't want to miss anything:-)

Eden turned 3 months old last Tuesday, the 2oth!

Eden, at 3 months you are:

  • still eating every 3 hours
  • sleeping 10:30-7:30
  • still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room.  Mommy is not ready to ship you across the house just yet;-)
  • weigh about 10.5 pounds
  • still can't keep socks and shoes on
  • wearing 0-3 months
  • in size 1 diapers
  • fighting congestion and drainage for the 3rd time since you were born!  Poor second child:(
  • laughing and cooing; your sweet giggles crack us up!
  • watching Praise Baby and loving all the lights and sounds
  • easy to make smile
  • enjoying your mobile in your bed
  • staying awake more.  Starting to take two long naps: morning around 8:30-10:30 and afternoon around 2:30-4:30.  Catnaps the rest of the day.
  • sucking on your hands all the time
  • have this little cry that we call a taradactile (it's just one short, high pitched cry then you're done) and you have the most pitiful little whimper when you get your feelings hurt
  • So strong!  You will not relax: you always have your head up looking around and you try to physically lift yourself out of your carseat as soon as we put you in!
  • still my cuddle baby!  If it's possible, you already have separation anxiety because sometimes if I lay you down and walk away, it upsets you.  Like to know someone is right there with you:-)
  • taking a paci still
  • starting to sit in Bumbo some

Who doesn't love a good cartoon in the morning!?!

Macy girl is just two short months away from being 2!  She has grown so much; even in the three months since we've had Eden.  It's funny to look back on pictures from the hospital and see how much she's changed; especially how long her hair has gotten!  
A few stats on her:
  • She's a big helper right now: love to throw trash away and clean up, will take things to her room for Mommy or go get something Mommy needs.  One day I handed her several things to put away just to see what she would do (one of Eden's headbands, a pair of her shoes and a diaper she had pulled out from her dresser).  When I checked, she had put the shoes and diaper away and laid Eden's headband on her dresser (it goes in the top drawer).  It made me smile:-)  She also loves to help Mommy put away laundry and has learned the words "top, middle and bottom" so she knows which drawer the clothes go in.
  • starting to develop a small fear of the dark.  It doesn't seem to bother her at night when she's sleeping, but in the evening when the sun starts going down, she will come get us to turn the light on in her room.  She says "Mommy/Daddy, lights off".
  • loves the movie "Cars" and one of her favorite toys right now is a Lightning McQueen car.  She also watched "Finding Nemo" the other night for the first time and liked it.
  • Pretends to sleep and snores
  • is one tough cookie!  It takes a lot to get real tears from this child.
  • starting to say "Where we going, Mommy?" everytime we get in the car
  • likes to say the word "too".  Macy go too; Macy do it too; Macy eat ice cream too...
  • One of my favorite words she says is hug.  She doesn't ever say h's so it comes out "ugg".  One Sunday when Josh was on a prison trip and I was driving the girls home from church, Macy said "Daddy be -ome tonight.  I 'ugg him and kiss him."  It almost made me cry!!
  • Unfortunately, starting to have an opinion about what she wears!
  • will say words that Josh and I have no idea when she learned them, but she uses them correctly!  The other morning I put her Minnie Mouse plate in front of her and she turned it and said "Minnie upside down" Where upside down came from, we don't know!
  • She's a busy, full speed ahead girl, but she also has a very tender heart.  Hates to see other kids crying and will try to bring them a toy or something to cheer them up.  The other day we were building with her legos and she knocked over something I was working on.  I said "Awww, Macy!  You knocked down Mommy's stairs!"  She paused for a second, then threw her arms around me and said "I sorry Mommy"
  • We are not potty-training right now, but every night before her bath we let her sit on the potty for a minute.  Last night was the first night she actually went in the potty!

You can see her tongue injury in this one.  This was a day or 2 after it happened.

Daddy made Macy a tent to play in

Nana made Macy her very own Pooh and Piglet pillow and she LOVES it!

And a few together shots... ;-)

checking on sister

One of Macy's favorite things to do with Eden is share her toys with her...aka, pile toys on top of her while she's in her bouncy.  We've had to really work on only SOFT toys, not HARD ones.  And nothing by her face!  She's getting it:-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Special Daddy Moments

Watching the Rangers

Reading our Bible

Snuggling on the couch before bed

Hugs and Kisses before Night-Night

Just helping Mommy with the laundry