Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

The girls' Christmas morning...

Josh, with the help of his dad, made this kitchen for Macy.  He put so much time and energy into it that we just had to tell her it was from him and not Santa.  I wanted her to know that her daddy did that just for her.  We knew she would be so excited!

Minnie Mouse pots and pans!

The kitchen and table were basically together gifts for both the girls because we know Eden will be using them in just a few short months:-)

The majority of Eden's Santa gifts were clothes.  We have been so fortunate that she's been able to wear most of Macy's 0-3 month winter stuff.  But she's starting to outgrow it (at 6 months old!) and we've still got cold months ahead of us!

Macy also got two new books for her Tag Jr. that she got for her birthday, Minnie pj's, a Thomas playmat (she LOVES Thomas right now!), Princess purse, and carseat for her babies and Piglet.

Macy is wearing the pajamas I wore for my 2nd Christmas when I was around 18 months old.

Eden is wearing the pajamas I wore for my 1st Christmas when I was 5 months old.  I'm going to have to find pictures to compare since we were about the same age.

Macy telling Daddy thank you for her kitchen

Where'd everybody go?!?

Her fridge was stocked full of groceries!

Opening her stocking...Elmo pajamas

Helping Eden open hers...Puffs

Princess panties

fruit snacks

lip gloss

Princess bandaids

Princess magnets


Eden's stocking had bottles, pacis, new paci clip, Puffs and socks

Eating breakfast at her new table

We pulled her away from her new toys to try and get a quick picture!

We went to church at 11:15 then headed to Nana and Papa's for Christmas lunch.  Our outfits were thrown together last minute that morning and we were scrambling to get to church on time.  Macy wore a green jumper that cousin Scarlett had given her the night before.  Eden wore Macy's 1st Christmas dress.  And since they were both in green, Josh and I followed suit;-)

A more accurate view of picture time;-)

Merry Christmas from the Gentry's!

Gentry Christmas

Christmas Eve night we had our Christmas with the Gentry's.  There's a lot of presents, a lot of good food and a lot of little bodies running around!!

Papa reading the Christmas story

Listening to Papa

Eden did pretty good "opening" her presents:-)

New Berenstain Bears movie

Percy train (Thomas' best friend. Macy loves him!)

Eden got a kick-n-play piano which she loved and has worked great in her bed!

The kids got busy playing with their new things and the adults even got a few hands of cards in;-)