Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My mom has saved boxes of clothes I had that were special for one reason or another.  We've pulled some things out for the girls and a few weeks ago we let them try on a few things.  Eden especially liked one of my church hats:)

Sweet Sisters


Night-time snuggles

Just a little Target shopping in our jeans and babyGap hoodies

Headband Gang

Macy likes wearing her hat backwards now...

Eden - 16 months

Last Saturday, Eden turned 16 months!  You are growing and changing every day, sweet girl!  I love watching your personality blossom and seeing just how sweet and sensitive you still are:)  You are so shy!  If someone tries to talk to you, you'll bury your head in my shoulder.  You really are smiley but sometimes other people don't see this side of you because of the shyness.  Truth is, you have the cutest little giggle and for the most part (with the occasional bout of teething and a recent ear infection) you are a happy baby.

You love pushing things, especially Macy's buggy and stroller

Giving Jackson hugs

Long-johns and boots:)

You kept putting this washcloth on your head and thought it was the funniest thing!

Wearing your bracelet
When it's on, you hold that arm up like it's ineffective...

This is how you cheese for pictures...

October 20th, exactly 16 months


Church clothes

Little ham

You still sleep with baby (Roo) and paci

A few weeks ago you were fighting an ear infection and cutting multiple teeth
Not fun!

You are still in 12-18 month clothes and between a 2 and 3 shoe.  You've been able to wear a lot of sister's clothes which has been a blessing considering the season difference.

You love brushing your teeth and will go get on the step stool in the bathroom when we tell you it's time.

You say puppy, papa, baby, paci (pappi), ball, cup, mommy, and daddy pretty clearly.  You try saying sister and Macy but they're not so clear.  And anytime you hear sister's favorite show come on, you start saying "WORD WORLD!"  It comes out like "Waa-Wuu".  You also repeat things we say and for the most part, it's close.  Like sister, you "babble" all the time!  Even if your words are few, you understand everything we say to you!  If we tell you it's time to leave, you "sprint" for the door.  Or put your shoes on, and you'll go off in search of them.  It's cute to watch you hear and process what we're telling you:)

You are officially a paci-snob.  It's in your mouth all the time!  I'm trying to limit you, but you will literally walk the house in search of one.  "Pappi!  Pappi!!"

You love balls, especially throwing them.  We have a bouncy ball that you will throw down the hallway then giggle and chase after it.  It's one of your favorite games right now.

You also enjoy closing doors and get very proud of yourself when you do this.  You will clap and "cheer".

You pray now and it's very sweet!  When you even hear the word "pray", you drop whatever you're holding and reach for the two nearest hands.  Then you babble a little bit and try to say AMEN!

Eden Joy, you are too precious to me!  I really think your personality is going to be more similar to mine, whereas Macy is more outgoing like Daddy.  It's so neat to see how unique you two girls are.  We love everything about you!!