Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We Don't Have a House!

Macy wasn't feeling well at lunch on Sunday, so cousin Scarlett called her later that day to check on her.  Macy was feeling much better so I handed her the phone.  This was their conversation:

Scarlett: Macy, are you feeling better?
Macy: Yes, Scar-yet!
Scarlett: Guess what Macy!?  We have a Christmas tree with decorations on it!
Macy: Well, we don't have a house right now...

Tennille and I both lost it!  Poor thing!  Josh and I will be going tonight to pick out a small tree for the duplex:-)

A Few Pics of the Girls...

It was a TV-tray lunch kind of day...

Chick-fil-A picnic

Cason and Bryce in town for Macy's birthday.  Hanging out at Cavendar's while the grown-ups looked at boots...

Trying to share Macy's chair...
Can you guess what's on Eden's Christmas list!?!

Shopping Buddies

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Macy's Big Day

When Macy's actual birthday rolled around on Tuesday, she was pretty confused since we had already done her party!  She kept asking if we were doing another party.  We did not have big plans, but tried to make the day special for her.  Josh had to be out of town and left before she got up, so I recorded her when I went into her room that morning.  She was smiling and excited.

We took our time eating breakfast and getting ready then went to meet Nana to find some fabric for a Christmas project she's working on for Macy.  We decided to let her pick that out:)

Then we went to the church bookstore to check out some movies.  Macy loves doing this so it was definitely of her birthday to-do list.

After that we headed over to Target.  She snacked on a pretzel while we shopped.

I let her pick out a few things from the front $1 section.  She ended up getting some socks and a lip gloss.  Then we found a cute Sleeping Beauty gown on the sale rack (her favorite princess!)

We left Target around noon, so we headed home to eat before naps.

The princess was definitely Sleeping Beauty today because I ended up having to wake her up at 4:45 so we could go meet Josh at the new house on his way back into town.

We walked the new house for a bit then asked Macy what she wanted for dinner.  We knew the answer before she said it:) "Smashburger and TCBY!"  Her favorite combo:)

Daddy was ready to see the birthday girl!

Piglet got to come in too

Eden was enjoying herself!

At TCBY...


After ice cream, we headed over to Toys R Us to let Macy pick out a toy with some birthday money she received.
She pretty much walked every aisle of the store!

She decided on a Hello Kitty microphone.

Eden was still all smiles...

We got home and did baths then watched "A Tigger Movie" together.  I went to lay Eden down and when I came back, this is what I found...

She decided to wear her hat for a bit...

Sweet girl!  We had a fun day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Macy's Alphabet Party

The invite...

We wanted to use a gym because I had an activity planned for the kids that required some space!  We did an alphabet hunt...

Macy loves the show Word World right now so we were trying to mimic how their objects are shaped like the letters that spell it (we originally were just going to say "Cake" but I decided her name should be on there somewhere!)...

"M" sugar cookies

Party favors...

We started off with the hunt.  Each child had a card with their name and the alphabet.  Then they chose a bag and had to find all 26 letters of the alphabet in the hunt and mark them off on their card (with a dry erase crayon)

Let the hunt begin!
The parents were such good sports, getting down on hands and knees and helping when needed:)

Macy enjoyed just running back and forth finding letters from each side...

Jackson was helping Eden put letters in her bag...

Great Nana watching all the excitement!

The hunt's over...now time for cake!
I thought all the kids did a great job with the hunt!

Macy and Great Nana

The birthday girl was all smiles today!

Singing "Happy Birthday" getting ready to blow out candle...

She did it on the first try!

Cake, cookie and CapriSun

The one and only family pic we got of the day!

Opening presents!  Can't believe how much easier this is for Mommy now that she can pretty much do it herself:)

Dress-up tutu's

One of the gifts from Mommy and Daddy was a bag of change for her piggy bank (she loves putting money in her bank!)

Baby Doll bath set

Berenstain Bears books

When we would ask her to tell that person Thank You, she would instead jump up and run over to give them a hug...
Macy and Maddie

Doc McStuffins Dr. Kit


Logan showing Macy the fish on the front:)

Still giving hugs

Minnie Mouse rolling suitcase

Hello Kitty umbrella

Word World DVD from Eden

Unfortunately, Eden got attached to Macy's new stroller!

We had so much fun with this alphabet theme!