Monday, December 31, 2012

Piglet's BIG Movie

Thursday night, we had a movie night and watched Macy's movie from her stocking, Piglet's BIG Movie.  It was so cute and the girls loved it!  They went back and forth between their new chairs and the couch...

Playing Peek-a-boo


We were in Palestine Christmas night when Tyler actually got snow on Christmas!  But, we tried to document it when we got home.  Unfortunately, the pics didn't turn out so well...

The duplex

The new house

The day after Christmas outside the duplex

The new house

Davis Christmas

Christmas night we headed over to Palestine for my grandmother's side Christmas, the Davis'.

Mimi and Pappa and their crew

Macy and Luke coloring

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

We lost Mammaw in October, so Thanksgiving and Christmas were definitely not been the same without her.  I always loved watching her take in the sights and sounds of her large and still growing family:)  She would always give the kids a flashlight and my Mimi carried on that tradition this year.  

Christmas Morning

The girls' Christmas morning:

Macy got a new dresser for her dress-up clothes, a chair, Princess coloring book and Look and Find book:

Josh painted her dresser and I mod-podged pink damask scrapbook paper on the inside

Eden got a nap mat, chair, backpack, magna-doodle, and My First Crayola
Both of the girls got a set of Magna-Tiles to share

It took her a minute to find all her clothes...

Trying her Cinderella shoes on

Hello Kitty pajamas

And the dressing up began...
Putting a crown on Eden

Trying out her new Crayola set

Eden has a Cinderella gown just her size in Macy's dresser

Macy started out in her Cinderella gown as well

Eden trying out her nap mat

Then they opened their stockings
(sporting her Minnie dress now)


play checkbook

Eden got a Tigger counting movie, 2 Look and Find books, paci's, socks, Puffs, and a bouncy Minnie ball

Macy got Piglet's BIG Movie, socks, 2 Look and Find books, socks, Hello Kitty panties, Hello Kitty brush, gum and a play checkbook

On to her next outfit

Opening her gift from Eden

A Barbie car!

Opening her gift from Macy
A tin purse! (Macy has one that Eden fell in love with; so now she has one too!)

They also each had a box of clothes

Next Princess dress, this time wearing her new boots!

Beautiful ballerina

Last outfit of the morning...