Thursday, April 18, 2013

A "Wicked" Farewell

A few years ago the Lord blessed me with the sweetest friend through MOPS.  We started spending a lot of time together and our firstborns enjoyed each others company as much as Mariann and I did.  Then we had the joy of being pregnant together with our seconds!  We have spent so much time together over the past 2 and a half years and I have been incredibly blessed by her friendship!  Last week, my sweet friend who I lovingly called "BFF" :) moved to Singapore with her family for a work assignment for her husband, JD.  The plan is to return in 2 years so I keep reminding myself it's temporary!  I really am excited for them to have this opportunity, but I selfishly knew it would change my life and the life of my children!  We were so spoiled to seeing them:)  Now, we are adjusting to a 13 hour time change but finding time to talk and text often.  Thankful they made it there safely and are adjusting well!

Last Wednesday night we met in Dallas for dinner because Mariann and I had tickets to see "Wicked" before they flew out the next morning.

Logan and Macy

Walking to the car together.  Mommy may have been fighting back tears!

Good-bye hugs

I had to zoom in on this one to get Eden's expression.  So sweet!  The neat thing is, as much as Macy /Logan and Eden/Jackson loved each other, there was a neat bond between Logan/Eden and Macy /Jackson as well.

Ready for "Wicked"

Mariann dropped me off at my hotel in Arlington and even though it was 10:30 on a Wednesday night, we got into stop and go traffic and it took an extra 45 minutes to get there!  The Lord knew we needed that extra time:)

Friday, the 5th, we had a playdate at the park to spend time with Mariann and let the kids play...

And this about sums up our lives the past 2 years:(

Love you sweet friend!!

Macy Update

Macy girl is growing like a weed right now!  I am really enjoying watching her become so much more independent and learning to do things on her own.  Well, it's bittersweet:/  She can strap herself in her carseat now and I never knew what a blessing that would be!  It's so nice to just put Eden in and let Macy get herself in.  She's helpful around the house and the fact that she's inherited some of my OCD has helped in ways:)  If she sees something out of place, she will put it where it belongs without having to be asked.  Her new favorite show is "Doc McStuffins" and she requests it all the time!  It's funny how she goes through phases with shows.  She's still real sensitive to things though.  We thought she would love the new Disney JR. show "Sofia the First" but there was one episode about trolls and she's been done with it ever since.  They weren't scary trolls, but she refuses to watch it now.  I was that way when I was little too.

She is really enjoying playing with Eden more and more.  Sometimes Eden cooperates and does what she asks and sometimes she doesn't.  But Macy is pretty patient with her:)

She still naps every afternoon although sometimes she will fight it a bit.  She still needs that nap, but she's learned how to play in her bed and keep herself awake.  She will still eventually fall asleep but it usually means she sleeps until after 5 which makes bedtime a challenge.  Lately though, she's been napping so well and long that we've been letting her stay up a little later than sister.  She loves this!

Some sweet Macy-isms lately:

  • She calls freckles "eekles" and loves pointing out the one behind Daddy's ear.  She also has one behind her ear, which she thinks is so neat:)
  • She loves playing games on the computer and one day she told me when she finished, "Mommy, I appreciate your help with the computer very much."
  • Daddy had a late softball game one Monday night and I thought it would be fun if we laid in Mommy and Daddy's bed together and waited up on Daddy.  I thought she would love this, but around 9:45 she said, "Mommy, I can't very much sleep in this bed.  These sheets are gray and mine are pink.  I want to go to my comfy bed."  And she did!  And went right to sleep!  I had the best intentions for a fun night with her...
  • One Sunday leaving lunch at Nana and Papa's she said, "Micah and I pushed each other today but that's ok, because that's what best friends do sometimes..."
  • She asked me last night about Logan and Jackson, if they moved into their new house yet.  I told her yes, that they didn't live in Tyler anymore, and she said "But Mommy!  I love Logan and he loves me!"  Oh boy!

Playing with Micah at Bruno's

Eating cereal

Doing her straps

Grant's 1st tee-ball game

Practicing her numbers

She started getting cocky and autographing each one:)

Reading with Mimi

Not feeling well:(

Pretending to be a teacher wearing Mommy's shoes

Love my Macy girl!

Eden - 22 months

I still think the 18-24 month range is one of my favorite ages.  It's definitely busy and fast-paced, but it's so fun watching their vocabulary explode and personality blossom!

Eden is talking in some sentences now and for the most part, I can understand her.  It's pretty sweet:)  One of my favorite things she says is "K!" This is her response to anything.  "Eden, go find your shoes." "K!"  She says it so emphatically:)

Another new favorite word is "Pretty!"  Anytime I get her dressed, in clothes or pajamas at night, she runs out of her room going "PRETTY!"  If Josh is home, she will go find him and say "Pretty, Daddy!"  She also says "pretty" when she brings me a picture she colored.

She says "mice" instead of "mine" just like Macy did.  It's also become a common word:/  As is "no".

She's starting to learn colors, but in true girl form, everything is pink right now.

Anytime she drops food on the ground she says, "Lexi, get it!"  Even if we are at a restaurant, she will say it:)

She's really picking up on songs right now and we can tell what song she's attempting to sing.  One of our favorites is "Fishers of Men" on our Wee Sing CD in the car.  All she sings is "Follow me.  Follow me.  Follow me!  Fishers..."  It's adorable!

She still loves baby dolls and will push them around in her stroller or buggy, feed them, and try wrapping them in blankets.  

She will walk around with a play spoon and plate and give everyone a "bite" including Lexi.

She has discovered Mommy's shoes and trying them on has become a new favorite activity.  Her favorites are my black heels; she always goes for them first.  I've started waiting until the end of the day to put them all back up because it's a lost cause!  Especially when Macy gets in on it:)

Love my Eden girl!  She is still so sweet and cuddly and I could eat her up!

There's a monkey on my shirt!

Snuggles with Daddy

I documented how she gets off of furniture...

I asked her to go put her bib on for lunch...

At Grant's first tee-ball game.  Eden was not a fan of sitting still:/

On Sunday March 24th, Josh had a prison trip so the girls and I headed to church, even though Mommy was not feeling well.  Couldn't tell at first if it was pregnancy related or if I was getting the bug Eden had the week before.  By the end of Sunday School, I was miserable and I headed home with the girls before big church.  Back at home, Pops was planning on bringing us lunch, but Eden was hungry and miserable.  She ended up falling asleep on me standing up!

She crosses her feet all the time!

Feeding her baby

Loving her some Pei-Wei

All day she said "Cow! MOOO!"

Another favorite activity is dumping all the crayons out:/

She asked to wear her running shoes with her pj's