Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Peasant Dresses

I just finished making all 3 girls their first set of matching dresses!  I found this peasant dress tutorial online that was super easy.  I started with Sadie's and by the time I got to Macy's, I was able to knock hers out in about 45 minutes.

Here's the tutorial:

Be sure and read the comments at the bottom because she answered some of the questions I had.

My big girls modeled theirs for me.  I'm thinking about making a sash for each one like I had tied onto Eden's...


Last Tuesday, we met our friends Jennifer and Cooper at Panera Bread for storytime.  I had heard about it, but this was our first time to try it.  The girls loved it!


A few weeks ago we headed to Bullard Park to play for a bit.  We had a little break in the hot weather and the mornings were actually manageable to be outside!

Afterwards, we met Daddy at Newks and then had some ice cream at Orange Leaf.  Daddy is only working half day Fridays, so we were all able to go home together:)


Macy has been eyeing this princess fabric at Hobby Lobby for a while now so I finally decided to make them some gowns to sleep in...

Mommy/Daddy Getaway

On August 13th, Grammy came over early and Josh and I headed to Austin to spend two days together without our sweet little ones.  We typically try to do some kind of overnight trip during the summer since our anniversary is in June.  Josh had to be in Austin for work anyway, so I decided to tag along.  Grammy ambitiously took the girls to see Great-Nana, went to Discovery Science Place and even attempted Chuck E. Cheese.  I know the girls had a blast!

Josh and I were hoping to be in Austin by lunch but got stuck in some really awful traffic right outside Waco.  Apparently a truck caught fire and they completely shut down southbound traffic on I35.  We detoured and ended up not getting to his Austin (actually Pflugerville) office until around 1:30.  We drove through Chick-fil-A and ate at his office.  Then I headed to the Round Rock outlets and shopped all afternoon while Josh got some work done.  

Around 6:00, we checked into the hotel and changed to head to a Round Rock Express baseball game.

We had great seats and enjoyed being able to watch the game, eat ballpark food and just walk around together!

Wednesday morning, we slept in and Josh went into the office for a few hours.  I decided to stay at the hotel and take my time getting ready and drinking coffee.

Then we ate lunch at Pei Wei and headed back soon after.  I was ready to see my girls but always enjoy my time with just Josh.  It was much needed!

Eden Update

Eden Joy has also grown up quite a bit over the last few months.  Her vocabulary has absolutely exploded and we love having conversations with her (and hearing her conversate with sister!)  She loves to play with sister, but honestly she is still my dependent, clingier child and will hang out in my room and closet while I'm getting ready instead of playing in the playroom with sister.  I don't mind having my little sidekick and I love how affectionate she still is.  "I hold you, Mommy!"  :)

This girl is just so sweet!  She loves giving hugs and her smile lights up her whole face.  She hates to see sister upset and will gladly give her the toy she is holding if that will make it all better.  She's a giver:)  As sweet as she is, she has enough sass to match it!  Like Macy, she's pretty stubborn when she gets an idea in her head and we are into the full-blown discipline phase.  Throwing fits, screaming and saying "No".  Fun stuff:/  She is definitely more sensitive to discipline than Macy and it usually only takes a look or one consequence for her to turn it around.

Eden loves shoes!  It cracks me up how many times she will change throughout the day.  And it can be anyone's shoes; mine, Josh's, hers or Macy's.  She is also already developing an opinion about what she wants to wear each day.  And she fights me on wearing gowns at night.  She prefers pants and shirts!

This week we've taken on the ambitious task of breaking her paci:/  We took her to Target and let her pick out a new lovey to sleep with and told her that she would no longer have her paci.  Last night was the first night and she actually went to sleep without making a sound and slept until 8 this morning!  I think part of the success was because she was wiped out tired from getting back from our trip to Great Wolf.  I anticipate naptime today being more of a struggle.  We will see!  She loves her new lovey and of course, still sleeps with baby Roo.  Honestly, the girl loves to sleep and is usually asking to get in her bed at naptime and night-time.

Sister has been teaching her to curtsey and it's pretty funny watching her attempt it.  She puts her head all the way down on the floor and holds her dress or shirt out to the side.

She knows the word "breakable" and will walk around the house or a store and tell me what's breakable, meaning she knows she shouldn't be touching it!

She loves chanting "Lets go Rangers!" and clapping.

Stickers have become a good activity for her and tends to hold her attention longer than anything else.  Another favorite activity is baby dolls and she enjoys putting clothes and diapers on them.  

She talks about Sadie also but I'm pretty sure she doesn't exactly understand what's about to happen:)  I know she's going to be hungry for Mommy's attention and I am just praying for patience and wisdom as we all adjust.

Since she could talk, she has called Macy "sister", but lately she's been saying "Macy".  It's pretty cute how she says it (has a few extra syllables)  And when Mommy and Daddy call Macy when she's in trouble, Eden will repeat it the way we said it.

Love this girl.  She is so fun to watch right now and I could just eat her up!!

Had to zoom in on that sweet face!

Sister's shoes


She chose her Rangers outfit this day

My baby's growing up!