Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day with Kit-Kat

Tuesdays and Thursdays while the big girls are in school, I get some sweet one on one time with my KK.  She is so precious and I love this age of curiosity and sweet conversations as her vocabulary explodes.  She's so content to just follow me around the house and busy herself in whatever room I'm working in.  She also loves sitting down and playing with the girls' doll house or reading a book.  And we run plenty of errands too!  Wish I could freeze this time with her!  Such a sweet sweet season.

Yesterday, we started our day at Hobby Lobby.

Then we headed to Mommy's dr appointment and she strolled around with Aunt Mandy.

After that, lunch!

She didn't want me to take her glasses off.  She's in love with them and Macy's old cowboy boots right now...

Back home she got to eat her Christmas tree cookie from lunch.  Then it was pretty much time to pick up sisters!
Love her to pieces...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Annual Gentry Thanksgiving Trip

We left Saturday morning for our annual Thanksgiving shopping trip.  We arrived at the Arlington outlets around 10:30 and shopped there until a little after noon.  Then we headed to the Parks mall for lunch and some more shopping.

Macy reading to Kate from her kids meal book...

Trying on hats with Daddy...

We left the mall around 3:00 and headed to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park.  The kiddos absolutely loved this and it was such a fun atmosphere this time of year.

They rode the rollercoaster, tea cups, and ferris wheel...

Macy, Scarlett and Garrett

Mallory, Jack, Eden and Aunt Mandy

Then we headed to the snow hill which was a highlight for all!  Even Kate got to go down :)


Mallory and Scarlett



Chad and Garrett

Josh and KK

Worn out!  Waiting on Daddy to bring dinner...

The Antique Cars were another favorite!  My pictures were blurry but I tried to capture who was in each car...
Scarlett driving Papa

Then Macy drove Nana.  Must not have gotten a picture of them :(

Grant driving Garrett and Tennille

Macy and Nana are at the stop sign...

Jack, Mallory and Mandy

Eden driving Daddy and KK

They also rode Yosemite Sam boat ride and the carousel.  We left around 9:00.

Needless to say, they all went right to sleep that night!

Sunday, we shopped at Grapevine Mills mall then ate an early dinner at Pappadeaux before heading home.  Such a fun trip!  Thank you Nana and Papa!!

Kate fell asleep at the mall and stayed asleep until our food arrived at Pappadeaux!