Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lucy One Month

Miss Lucy Lavelle is already one month old and we can't believe how much she's changed!  She is growing so quickly and we are enjoying her so much!

She is around 7 pounds now and has probably been the best eater out of all the girls.  I just remember having to wake the other 3 up during the day to eat every 3 hours, but Lucy tends to start stirring before that 3 hour mark comes!  She is not going to miss a meal!  She has also held on to those 2 during the night feedings longer than the others.  Last night was the first night she made do with only one ;)  She ate at 10:30, then around 3:00 and woke up at 7:00.  We will take it!  She's had a few rough nights mixed in with good ones.  Seems to have some gas/tummy trouble every now and then.

For the most part though she is a happy, content baby.  During the day, she enjoys her swing, bouncer, boppy pillow and play mat.  Her eating schedule is typically 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 with a night time feeding between 10:00 and 11:00.  She's a fast eater and nursing has been so easy this time. She has been a natural! Like Kate, she gets the hiccups every time she eats!

We experimented with not swaddling her overnight a week or so ago because she seemed to not enjoy it.  From even her sono pictures, she likes having her hands up by her face.  We went back to the swaddle last night though and since she slept so well, we will probably resume that ;)

Even though she's a pretty content baby, she does appear to love being held.  If she is fussing and is picked up, it typically stops immediately and she just stares up at you with those big, blue eyes.  She likes being cradled in your arms more than being up on your shoulder (although I still like snuggling her like that sometimes:)  She has been lifting her head since one day old and if she is up on your shoulder, she will hold that head up and look around.

Noise definitely does not bother her which is a good thing for this crazy household.

I wish I could sit on the couch, snuggle her and stare at her all day, but being #4, that just doesn't happen! I do, however, take as many opportunities as I can while making sure we still have clean clothes, the house isn't falling apart and the big girls are getting their school done :)

She is a precious gift that our entire family is enjoying so much!  The big ones hold her as much as they can and they are all so sweet and gentle with her.

We love you, Lucy Lavelle!

Sweet friend from the girls school made us a personalized chicken pot pie!

Mommy and Daddy's first post-baby date night.  Miss Lucy decided she was hungry too right as the food arrived ;)

First Sunday at church
February 12th

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