Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Macy-isms

I know I already did a post on this, but I remembered a few more things that I don't want to forget! I'm hoping to print off our blog into a book, so I'm trying to document as many of these precious memories as possible :-)

More Macy-isms:

  • Instead of saying "I" and "my", Macy uses her name in everything ("Macy do it", "Macy find it", "Macy's cup", etc.)
  • We play this game with Macy where we say "I'm gonna get you!" and start to chase her, but she squeals and laughs and immediately starts running towards us (not away) and jumps in our arms (we love this!) Then, she starts saying "I gonna getchu", laughs and starts chasing us.
  • When you give something to Macy she says "Thank you, _________, you're welcome" She hasn't realized yet that the other person is supposed to say "You're welcome" and we haven't corrected it because I think it's cute! Especially when she helps herself to one of Eden's toys and says "Thank you, Eden, you're welcome." :-)
  • When we act silly with Macy or sing one of her songs (like the "Super Why" theme song) she says "Moooommmeee" or "Daaaadddddeee" kind of like a teenage child embarrassed by her parents. But then she smiles and says "Sing Supa-why -gan, Mommy/Daddy"
Love this sweet girl! She cracks us up!

This toy that I used to have to put a pillow in the bottom so her feet could reach, she can now climb into and stand

Yesterday she got both her shoes on by herself (on the correct feet!) It's the little things:-)

Meanwhile, the 2nd child is forced to start holding her own bottle at 5 weeks

Sweet angel!

My heart is full being these two girls' Mommy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fish, Legos and One Month Stats

Last Thursday we headed to Dallas with Josh's family for a few fun-filled family days!

After eating lunch at Chick-fil-A, we took the kids to this Indoor Safari Park. There was a lot for them to do and they played hard!
Waiting for instructions...

Mini golf with Daddy

Papa and Eden got some sweet time together :)

The play area was probably Macy's favorite part

They had a train ride also...

Thursday night we ate at Fuddrucker's then the kids swam that night (didn't get any pictures of that though!)

Friday, we ate lunch at Grapevine Mills mall then took the kids to the new aquarium located in the mall.

After the aquarium, we headed to the Frisco area and ate at Pappadaeux. After dinner, we ate dessert at the hotel then everyone got their kids bathed because we were getting back together at 9:00 to watch a fireworks show we could see from our hotel rooms.

A few pictures after our baths :)

All the cousins came to our room to watch the fireworks out our window

Saturday morning we packed up and headed back to the mall for Legoland. Macy LOVED all the "blocks". They had a lot of neat things for the kids to do.

City of Dallas made out of Legos. It was impressive!

Rangers ballpark

Cowboys stadium


They had a Princess castle area where we could build castles with Legos.

My princesses :-)

A toddler area with big rubber legos

Macy loved climbing these padded steps and going down the slide

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed doing these things with the kiddos. Eden was a trooper also!

On the 20th, Eden was one month old!

At one month, Eden is:

  • about 7 pounds 3 oz.
  • in Newborn diapers and clothes
  • looks so much longer to me than Macy did at this point!
  • focusing on objects and making eye contact
  • eating every three hours during the day: 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 (and doesn't spit-up like big sister did!)
  • eating once in the middle of the night: around 3-4 AM and getting up between 7-8 AM
  • a cuddle baby!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

Last Thursday I turned 26 and we celebrated with Josh's family at dinner Saturday night!

We just started trying pigtails with Macy :-) My big girl, growing so fast!

Macy ADORES cousin Mallory

So does Mommy ;-)

18 Kids and Counting (we're all still kids, right!?!)

Sweet Jack slept through the first little bit

Mallory and Grant, quite the pair!

Wild child!

I think she tried a lemon

2 peas in a pod, Scarlett and Macy


Josh ordered my cake ( so sweet! )

We love cake!

Eden guarded the presents

We had a great time!

On Friday, my mom and I took the girls to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. Macy loves Pooh and Piglet so we thought it might actually hold her attention (plus it was only an hour! Which was good since this was our first movie attempt)

Macy did great! She sat so still and watched for the majority of it and only got restless the last few minutes. She asked if she could watch Olivia on my phone! And sweet Eden slept through the whole thing. Love making these memories with my girls!!