Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Fest

My parents' church had their Fall Fest on Saturday, so we took the girls out for some games, bounce houses and lots of candy!  Macy had a ball!

Her favorite thing was the puppet show.  She was enthralled!

She also really loved getting to see the fire truck!  She hadn't seen one this close since the day I locked her in the car at Hobby Lobby;-)
The firemen were really nice and showed her around.

They also turned the lights on for her and when I asked her what color they were she said "Pink!"  I don't think the firemen liked that;-)


We are participating in the Parent Commitment service with Eden in November.  Last Saturday, we had a quick photo shoot to get a picture for the bulletin.  These were some of the outtakes I thought were funny...

This one cracked me up!

Daddy started tickling in these...

And the one we chose...