Monday, November 21, 2011

5 months

Eden Joy, you turned 5 months old yesterday!

At 5 months, you are:

  • still wearing some 0-3 and some 3-6
  • in size 1 shoe
  • in size 1 diapers
  • doing better with the reflux (on prevacid twice a day) but it has been a rough month!  Right after your 4 month post, you stopped sleeping through the night and were pretty fussy.  I started feeding you 6 times a day again and we try to do cereal 1-2 times a day.  You have finally started figuring it out, and even started sleeping through the night again some nights.  If you do get up, it's usually around 4, you eat, then go back down until 7-8.  Those first few weeks after your 4 month well check were miserable because I could tell you were hurting.  I really think the prevacid is helping and overall you are a much happier baby!  You were happy before, just had waves of inconsolable crying:-(
  • the sweetest little giggler!  I love when you get tickled (it's pretty easy to get you going!)  You are so ticklish and even putting a onesie on over your head has you cackling.  You laugh if we laugh and last night when we got you undressed for your bath, you got so tickled about nothing!  Just liked being naked I guess:-)
  • love to hold blankets up by your face (especially soft minkie ones) and it usually puts you right to sleep (with your paci)
  • much more coordinated now, which makes you seem so much older.  You can put your paci back in and you bring anything in arms reach up to your mouth (especially your Sophie!)  You also wipe your eyes when you are sleepy:-)
  • loving your swing
  • still enjoying being held and will ride around on Mommy's hip, happy as a lark.  I'm thankful we bought a rolling highchair when we were pregnant with Mace, because a lot of times I roll you around in that so you can still see me!  Spoiled little thing:-)
  • you won't stay on your tummy anymore and roll immediately
  • really "talking" now.  We love hearing you in your car seat in the back seat just going non-stop.  Sometimes you shriek when you get real excited.  (Macy did this around 6 months and we had to stop going out to eat for a while!  Hopefully your excited little shriek won't get to the level and volume Macy's did;-)
  • you will smile at anyone who gives you attention.  We love your big gummy smiles!
 Eden Joy, you have the sweetest little personality and I absolutely love it!  I love how you bury your head in my shoulder when I pick you up and how your eyes follow me from across the room.  I can't wait to watch this sweetness blossom as you grow and communicate more.  You are my sunshine!

Yesterday, we participated in the Parent Commitment service at our church.  Eden:  Daddy and I committed to teaching you about Jesus and raising you in a home where His truth is proclaimed!
You looked so sweet in your little brown dress:-)

Happy 5 months baby girl!